* Brinton explains further in
extensive detail failed efforts to
obtain the necessary generator in
time for the exhibition.  It arrived 7:30
p.m. Sept. 20th.  He offered several
options of restitution for the 25c
entrance fee.  In his words, "No one
was more disappointed than me".
W. Frank Brinton
Featured Person of the Month
Under these circumstances we supposed he would have no trouble in giving what
he advertised - a trial trip - and had he been able to do that; had he inflated his
balloon, sent it up only as high as the tree tops and started the wings and
propellers there would have been little kicking, for a trial trip was all that was
promised.   Mr. Brinton ordered a generator a month ago; but it never came.  We
think he ought not to have opened the gates of the Fair Grounds to the public until
he had it.  Wednesday's fizzle has hurt him in public estimation greatly and not
only that, it has given our city a bad reputation.  People from a distance are likely
to steer clear of a town where they have once been humbugged.  Mr. Brinton's
intentions were good; but he should have had that generator, even if he had to go
after it personally.  In spite of the disappointment, it was a good natured crowd
and enjoyed the racing, which was rather tame."

Said the
"Lots of people were with hot air last Wednesday, but not many went up.  It was
the best day for fishing we have seen in a long time, and lots of suckers were
caught, and the writer of this was one of them....

"To make a long story short, Brinton has invented a dandy air-ship, the only defect
being that it won't fly.  It looks like a mighty good thing with which to thresh
beans or to amuse children, but as a flying machine it is not a brilliant, shining
success.  That is, it is not so keen to fly that he has to tie it down to keep it from
flying away sometime when he isn't looking....  It would have risen Wednesday,
but he couldn't get it inflated any bigger than an old tobacco pouch, and that was
not big enough...."

Said the Keota
"Brinton!  What magic word is that!  What mighty spell it cast.  Brinton! Brinton!  
At the name multitudes sway and are led, yea, even as lambs unto the slaughter!  
'Neath its powerful spell great host rise up and gather together like onto the crowd
at a county pumpkin show or distant fair.  Brinton!!  Prince of Fishermen!!  He
dippeth his net and lo! he hauleth in a couple of thousand at 25c a head and
waxeth rich and no one raiseth up against or kicketh because his bag was filled
with nothing more!! Nay! Nit! No!  It was thus and always shall be, world without
end.  Amen!"

Brinton's explanation appeared in the
"Let me first say to the public that it was my trial trip and it was advertised on my
bills that I would try to navigate the air.  Had I been sure of my success I would
never have put in the word 'try' and it was generally understood that it was to be
my trial trip for the majority of the people said they did not believe it would be a
success."  *

He went on to travel the world, taking lantern slide photographs lecture, sharing
his experience during the early 90's.  He was one of the first men in the country to
recognize the potential of "moving pictures".

He and his wife "Indiana (later she changed her name to Ina) Putman Brinton
built a find house at 919 South Iowa; there was a flat roof over one potion of the
house to be used as a landing field by air craft."  He died in 1919 at the age of 61.

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